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AMS was founded in 1998 as a result of more than 15 years of experience in ASIA we thought market need to redefine supply chain management with a more dynamic and flexible strategic procurement processes, innovative & technology.

Currently our Group has branch offices in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, France, Spain and Indonesia.

Today, AMS has grown into world leader in hospitality supplier and has helped optimize procurement and supply chain operations in some of the most respected hotel groups around the world.

Our client base now includes a wide range of customers from many different markets, including:

  • Hotel Chains.
  • Spas & health clubs.
  • Restaurants.
  • Casinos.
  • Cruise lines.

Besides, our expertise help us to adapt and extends deep into the supply chain. Part of that adaptation to change was, through vertical integration into manufacturing. Theese steps have increased our knowledge of production and the required processes and starndars to guarantee quality as well as a better understanding. This comprehensive aprproach, including implementing quality assurance measures and field audits to ensure hight levels of service form our suppliers, allows us to control the integrity of products and services.

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AMS belongs to the ASI GROUP counts today three major subsidiaries, ASI LOGISTICS, ASI SOLUTIONS and ASI MOVERS. Located in more than 11 locations and 6 countries, ASI GROUP features more than 200 employees worldwide dedicated to answering your daily international business challenges.

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Our brand and products has a good quality and recognition in the hospitality industry. As a AMS distributor, what really adds value to business is our commitment to make it as easy as posible for you to sell our products. You can trust us to do our best to make your sales efforts as effective as posible.