[bin_heading title=”LOGISTICS” text_align=”text-center”]

At AMS we know different customer has different transportation needs. We believe that, through our dedicated team of specialist oversee all phases of transportation, from the manufacturing floors in Asia to your door in the most cost-effective manner and the shortest time frame possible. With worldwide service through an integrated agency network. And we think something so important and necessary should be an added value and for that reason, we provide this as a 100% free of charge service.

AMS experience and professional attitude, is able to offer optimal solutions, tailor-made to the challenges of our customers. We make their lives easier by always being one step ahead in managing and optimizing their entire supply chain. Every way we can.

Our solutions aims on all facets within the supply chain, which contains organizing physical transportation, maintain information, management and developing integral logistic.

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Before integrating into your supply chain an unknown element, we have a pre-audited lists of suppliers. We ensure 100% they will become a realiable part of your global supply chain. But just in case our customer need other supplier, we have an extensive evaluation procedure, convering: factory profile, production capacities, facilities, age and condition of machinery and equipment, factory financials and employees working conditions.

The main point is to verify that supplier’s facilities are operational and suitable for manufacturing as well as, ensure that the supplier’s sourcing policies comply with your own, and finally to identfy potential risks.

AMS Corporate policies are applied directly to our suppliers, labor, environmental and social requirements are part of our company DNA.

[bin_heading title=”QUALITY CONTROL” text_align=”text-center”]

As a company we know how important is for our customers their final products. So for that we verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process and prior to its dispatch. We verify, your product before it leaves the factory in an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions.

Our team of qualified hospitality professionals, knows the standar quality specifications to meet a range of requirements for hotel and hospitality industry. Our associates will defines and tailor to you needs, in case your need specialized quality control process, and key quality concerns.